Ticks: Reasons to Fear

Learn all about ticks & why you must be cautious every day, even in urban environments.

Tick Removal & Testing

Properly removing a tick is vital; not doing so can increase your risk of disease.

Protect Your Neck

Prevention tips for yourself & family. Everyone is at risk for tick bites.


Pets can bring dangerous ticks into your home, & they also can suffer from tick-borne diseases.

Your Property

Tick tubes are just one way to prevent rodents from carrying ticks onto your property.


Misconceptions debunked & other information.

One Tick Bite Can Spread Multiple Diseases

A single tick bite can transmit many pathogens, causing serious illness. 

Tick diseases spread at different rates, so a tick attached for any amount of time can be a potential risk. Testing the tick can determine the diseases it might have.

What You Need To Know

It is vital to recognize the symptoms & get treatment early.

Diagnosis with co-infections also complicates the choice of treatment protocol, as different co-infections require other specific antibiotics or other types of medications. 

Clinical Research Studies Seeking Participants

Ongoing studies help research evolve.  

You can contribute to research by signing up as a volunteer in clinical trials or donating blood, urine, or tissue samples to a bio bank.

Free Tick Bite Prevention Resources

Tick bite prevention education is key to reducing incidence of tick-transmitted pathogens. 

LymeTV provides free age-appropriate health education resources for adults & youth. Materials are available in multiple languages.