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LymeTV is a volunteer-based 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization dedicated to educating the global community about Lyme disease & other dangerous tick-borne infectious diseases located worldwide. We are a diverse team of patients, advocates, caregivers, & people who just love our mission. 


A world where tick-borne diseases are well understood, rarely caught, & quickly treated.


To reduce the incidence of dangerous tick-borne diseases through prevention, education, & outreach. 


LymeTV has advocated on Capitol Hill alongside the Center for Lyme Action & other national Lyme organizations for increased federal funding for tick-borne disease research.  We engage with research scientists to focus efforts on the science that will be most impactful for patient outcomes.  We have participated in directing federal funds towards specific research projects as part of the Department of Defense's CDMRP, Tick-Borne Disease Research Panel.  LymeTV is currently filming an ongoing scientific documentary titled Lyme: Shifting the Paradigm, which began production in 2018.


Besides protecting yourself from ticks, LymeTV wants to strongly urge you to always be your own health advocate. Regardless of your health history, advocate & research your illnesses from scientifically-based sources, & give the information to your doctor if you feel something is not right.  In our experience, doctors have appreciated when we brought them the reputable research & took the time to explain in-depth about tick-borne disease epidemiology, & the pharmacokinetics behind how different drugs (i.e. tetracyclines vs cephalosporins - and combos of) work with these diseases. We want to arm patients (& doctors) with the latest & most robust clinical research so doctors can consider diseases that may have been overlooked or misdiagnosed, & thereby increase the probability of the patient getting properly treated.  We definitely believe more awareness & knowledge needs to be incorporated throughout the medical community so patients may get treated early & properly for all overlapping diseases they have.

We are not a research facility; we are strictly an awareness organization.  We will only share information from reputable, scientifically-based sources.