Documentary - Film Title Withheld Until Release

LymeTV is currently filming a new Lyme documentary.  This film will highlight the advances in Lyme disease research, as well as the science behind Lyme tests, how the disease & other co-infections disseminate, & the dangers of long-term damage to the host body. In addition, the film will feature the hurdles that many Lyme patients face trying to get proper care & early diagnosis.  All of us at LymeTV are very excited about the incredible interviews & are honored to work with such a great team to share necessary information on the topic.  This documentary will be a free public health informational film, & LymeTV will never charge viewers to watch it.

"A Tick Bite Can Kill You" Commercial Series

This PSA (Public Service Announcement) commercial series will show the dangers of Lyme disease & other tick-borne diseases through 30-60 second clips, which will be broadcast on the Internet, as well as in local television markets.  LymeTV launched this program online in April, 2019, & it is targeted to launch in local markets in 2020. 

Tick Talk Series

LymeTV's filmed Tick Talk series consists of informative & dynamic ten-minute segments on various important topics ranging from Why A Patient May Still Be Sick to How To Read Tests.  This series is broadcast on the Internet, & the program launched online in April, 2019. 


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Tick Talk Health Education for Schools

Children are at the greatest risk for Lyme disease & other tick-borne diseases (with age group 5-9 years old having the highest incidence).  LymeTV has developed educational materials to teach kids how to prevent a tick bite.  Our Tick Jedi program teaches kids how to avoid ticks, check for ticks, & the basics of Lyme disease. Prevention is key!

LymeTV's age-appropriate workbooks & prevention posters engage kids with fun activities that also teach them about tick protection.  It’s a great resource for schools & other organizations to educate & remind kids & staff how to protect themselves from a tick bite. Read our Program Overview here.



Lecture Hall

Lectures for Colleges & Businesses

The most proactive way to reduce the prevalence of tick-borne diseases is through awareness & prevention. LymeTV provides free lectures to schools & businesses wanting to educate their students or employees about the dangers of ticks & the diseases they can transmit. For now, our in-person lectures are available only in the State of Maine & the surrounding New England region.

Information Disseminated to Doctors

The most successful way to reduce tick-borne diseases from doing maximum damage to the host body is to diagnose early & to treat properly.  LymeTV connects doctor offices with research & educational material, globally, to help keep the staff abreast of early diagnosis criteria & much overlooked co-infection information.  Together, we can help prevent multitudes of patients from being underdiagnosed or misdiagnosed, which may lead to patient deterioration if all agents are not identified &/or not treated early or successfully.



Bagels & Bug Spray

LymeTV holds annual community events geared to giving the local Portland, Maine homeless community free bug spray & tick information. At these events, held during National Lyme Disease Awareness month in May, we give away free baked goods & tick information to all passersby, & also free DEET bug repellent to the local homeless community since they are at high risk.

Community Centers

LymeTV provides free Tick Talks at New England area community centers which are interested in having us discuss tick-borne diseases.  These gatherings are open to the entire community to attend & learn more about protecting themselves from dangerous tick bites.  You can find out about our upcoming events here.