A coalition to champion the Tick Juvenile Educational Defense Initiative (Tick JEDI), ensuring kids learn tick safety in schools.


The Tick JEDI Coalition's mission is to champion tick safety and prevention education in the mainstream K-12 Health Science curriculum, helping children live safer and healthier lives.

Children ages 5-14 are the most at-risk demographic for tick-borne diseases. We envision a world in which tick safety education is taught as a fundamental life skill in schools across the country.

Our coalition is an alliance of organizations, advocates, and patients to champion a bill of the same name: Tick Juvenile Educational Defense Initiative (Tick JEDI) in all states across the country. We share the belief that ticks are dangerous and tick education can save lives. United we stand, stronger together, in service of public health.

Mother holding child's hand who fever patients in hospital to give encouragement.

Children ages 5–14 are the most at risk demographic group for dangerous tick-borne diseases.

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Ticks disease trends are consistently on the rise and we need to take action now!

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We are raising our voices to create change. Learn more about our partners here.



Ticks are a Public Health crisis and a bipartisan issue.

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LymeTV is a volunteer-based 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization dedicated to educating the global community about Lyme disease & other dangerous tick-borne infectious diseases located worldwide. We believe the best way to reduce tick-borne diseases is by prevention, awareness, & early detection information. LymeTV aims to help reduce the incidence of these diseases through prevention & education campaigns.

We are not a research facility; we are strictly an awareness organization.  We will only share information from reputable, scientifically-based sources.