Documentary - Film Title Withheld Until Release

LymeTV is currently filming a new Lyme documentary.  This film will highlight the advances in Lyme disease research, as well as the science behind Lyme tests, how the disease & other co-infections disseminate the body, & the dangers of long-term damage to the host body.  In addition, the film will feature the hurdles that many Lyme patients face trying to get proper care & early diagnosis.  All of us at LymeTV are very excited about the incredible interviews & are honored to work with such a great team to share necessary information on the topic.  This documentary will be a free public health informational film, and LymeTV will never charge viewers to watch it.

"A Tick Bite Can Kill You" Commercial Series

This commercial series will show the dangers of Lyme disease & other tick-borne diseases through 20-30 second films, which will be broadcasted in local television markets, as well on the Internet.  LymeTV will launch this campaign program in 2019.